“Latinoamérica”, for double mixed choir. New release.

“Latinoamérica” Original composition by René Perez Joglar & Eduardo Cabra Martínez.

Arrangement for double mixed choir by Eduardo Ferraudi – Bernardo Latini

Score published by GCC Ediciones. Available here.

The choral score was written especially for the show “Postales al Sur del Río Bravo (Espejos)”, premiered by Coro Nacional de Jóvenes de Argentina (Argentinian National Youth Choir).
This spectacle was first performed in the Symphonic Concert Hall at Centro Cultural Kirchner, Buenos Aires, in 2019. The show combined Ferraudi and Latini choral arrangements of Latin American music, dance, percussion, and live narration.

Here, the video of the choral version of “Latinoamérica”

Coro Nacional de Jóvenes de Argentina.
Conductor: Pablo Banchi
Guest conductors: Eduardo Ferraudi & Bernardo Latini