Bernardo Latini

I am a composer, choral conductor and music teacher.

I spend much of my time writing music. The choir is the ensemble for which I mostly write, primarily a capella or combined with orchestral/ instrumental ensembles.

Teaching is also one of my primary activities. I am a professor at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP), Argentina, and I hold regular courses and workshops in Latin America and Europe.

I conduct Policromía Vocal, a vocal ensemble from the city of La Plata, a group I founded in 2013.

I received a University Degree in Composition, Harmony and Counterpoint and Choir Conducting at Facultad de Artes, Universidad Nacional de La Plata (University of La Plata), Argentina. I continued my training in Composition under the tutelage of Mº Bernat Vivancos at Escola Superior de Música (ESMUC), Barcelona, Catalonia and Choral Conduction with Mº Marco Berrini, Milan, Italy.

My music has been distinguished with 16 awards in National Choral Composition and/or Arrangement Contests and samples of my work are available at various publishing houses in Austria, Germany, USA, Catalonia and Argentina.

You can see some of my works here.

Fotos: FTFotografia

Clarín – Buenos Aires
Argentinian National Youth Choir

Nació Digital – Barcelona
Bernardo Latini –María Mercé Marçal

Puntal – Córdoba
Premiere “Edificio Cantor”

El Día – La Plata
Premiere “Somos Cantando”

Misa Mestiza – Tucumán
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“The quality of Bernardo Latini’s works is given by his double role -as composer as well as conductor -which enriches and consolidates his discourse. If we add his capacity for insight and improvement, we find a composer with some proposals that cannot be ignored. “Métier” and reliability at work at the service of a strong musical sensitivity.”

Bernat Vivancos
Composer –Composition and Orchestration Professor, ESMUC.

Barcelona, Catalonia

“I would like to emphasise two aspects of Bernardo Latini as a composer: the first is concerning the quality of his compositions. Bernardo’s music denotes a profound work and comprehensive thought of the work to be conceived. There are structure and an organic relationship with the lyrics as well as with the genre that he plans to compose. He proposes the use of varied and innovative musical and vocal resources. His ideas blend seamlessly into each performance, taking into account vocal ranges and, in particular cases, the skills of the choral group for which he writes. The melodic, rhythmic and harmonic systems are explored without prejudice making the pieces present different aspects, trends and styles. I consider this a dynamic approach that doesn’t constrain the composer to a particular style but rather showcases his versatility and wide range of work.

The second remarkable aspect of Bernardo Latini as a composer is his mastery of communication and collaborative work with the choral conductor, the writer, and the project manager. Suggestions, feedback and detailed explanations of the composition process are valuable instances for me as a conductor and performer and Bernardo offers them with great generosity and equalenthusiasm. It’s a pleasure and a great learning experience to work with him.”

Virginia Bono
Choral Conductor, Teacher and International lecturer.

Santa Fe, Argentina

“I have had the pleasure of meeting Mº Bernardo Latini on the occasion of two trips I made to Argentina and, subsequently, having him as my guest and collaborator in Italy. I could immediately appreciate his work’s artistic quality, his great acknowledgement of the instrument choir which is well expressed in his choral works and his careful work as a conductor. Bernardo Latini is a complete, refined and elegant musician, qualities that are evident from the reading of his music.”

Marco Berrini

Choral and Orchestral Conductor; Pedagogue. Ars Cantica Choir & Consort. Gesualdo Consort.

Milan, ITALY

“I consider Bernardo Latini’s work as one of the most important contributions to the Argentinian Popular music choral repertoire. In his arrangements, he combines simplicity with depth in understanding of the materials involved. His arrangement of “Oración del Remanso”, for example, has given me moments of great joy as a performer. I am so grateful for that.”

Néstor Andrenacci
Conductor of Grupo de Canto Coral

Buenos Aires, Argentina