NEW VIDEO! “El Ball de Sant Ferriol” by Policromía Vocal.

“El Ball de Sant Ferriol”

Policromía Vocal

Conductor and Arrangement:

Bernardo Latini

New Video recorded during the 2020’s lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


“El Ball de Sant Ferriol”

by Bernardo Latini, based on an ancient Catalonian tune.

This piece combines crazy scenes that allude to collective festivities, wild dance and celebrations at the pub. In each scene, “Sant Ferriol”, a legendary figure in Catalonia, an old highwayman that became a deity, hovers around. We thank him for his wine barrel that never gets empty.

Sound editing: Juan Martín Albariño

Video editing: Emiliano Vergara – Damián Rizo – Carromato Producciones