Policromía Vocal – Two Catalonian songs

Two compositions by Bernardo Latini based on ancient Catalonian tunes. Both of them were recorded during the 2020’s lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“El Ball de Sant Ferriol”. This piece combines crazy scenes that allude to collective festivities, wild dance and celebrations at the pub. In each scene, “Sant Ferriol”, a legendary figure in Catalonia, an old highwayman that became a deity, hovers around. We thank him for his wine barrel that never gets empty.

“Sant Joan, Sant Martí”. A lullaby, the household chores in a rural setting and the prayer to the deities who should ensure the development of the child in the cradle, converge in this piece.

Policromía Vocal

Arrangements and conductor: Bernardo Latini

Sound editing: Juan Martín Albariño
Video editing: Emiliano Vergara – Damián Rizo – Carromato Producciones

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