“Somos Cantando”

The Argentinian Choral Conductors Association (ADICORA) commissioned the composition of a choral piece by Hugo Figueras and Bernardo Latini to be premiered at “La Plata Multicoral”. This piece was performed by a choral mass, comprised of choristers from the majority of the choirs from La Plata city, Argentina. The piece was written to be inclusive and with parts adequate to every singer’s level.

The final product, “Somos Cantando”, a piece in 3 movements for triple choir (unison or two parts – 4 mixed parts – and the advanced level, 8-12 parts).

Almost 1.000 people from 40 choirs were able to participate and this was an unprecedented experience in the city.

The World Premiere was performed on 19th October in the main building of the Universidad Nacional de La Plata, without public, due to the fact that the number of singers totally filled the capacity of the space. That day a VR360 degree Image recording with ambisonic sound was made that was later shown at the La Plata Planetarium for the general public.

It is possible now to enjoy this experience Virtually using a Mobile phone (pointing it in different directions) or through a computer, using earphones to take advantage of the spatiality virtues.


Somos Cantando. Latini – Figueras.


The Piece

“Somos Cantando” is the representation of the essence of choral music. The sum of the parts making up a whole. A lot of drops forming a downpour.

The text is a metaphor of our spirituality: we are made up of doubts… What is Life? Time? The Universe? But, at the same time we know that we are Humans, that means, made of earth (Humus).

With Argentinian and Latin American traditional music elements, the piece evolves from the individual (“Yo soy” – I am) to the collective (“Somos” – We are) while playing with the idea of circular time, as both expressions are palindromes.


Nº 1. “Yo soy”.

Each person is their own, and at the same time, as is a cell, is part of a whole, an organism, an ecosystem.


Nº 2. “Tierra que canta”.

“A single drop, with others becomes a downpour.” Mass and spatiality as constituent elements of the piece.

Atahualpa Yupanqui said: “We are earth that walks”. Quoting him, we say “We are earth that walks singing”.


Nº 3. “Somos”.

With materials like a Double Canon, body percussion and random phrases, the Four Elements are assigned to each voice part of the choir:

Earth – Basses; Water – Tenors; Air – Alts; Fire – Sopranos.


Composers: Bernardo Latini and Hugo Figueras

Idea and conducting in Concert: Fernando Tomé

Coordination and Produccion: Adicora La Plata

With the support of:

TV Universidad

Facultad de Artes (Universidad Nacional de la Plata)

Planetario Ciudad de La Plata

Red de Medios (Universidad Nacional de Río Negro)


The Documentary

Watch the Documentary made by TV Universidad de La Plata about the piece conception process, interviews with the composers and singers…