New Releases for Children Choir

A new series of children choir scores by Bernardo Latini it’s available.
Published by GCC Ediciones, these scores were written for different types of ensembles, from Elementary to Intermediate levels of difficulty, highlighting its playful and pedagogical nature.
The choral arrangements of Sebastián Monk’s pieces deserve a special mention. Humor and everyday scenes related to childhood are interwined, showing an exquisite combination of text and music.

“Sebastián Monk” Series

Mi Merceditas


Estrellita de Belén


More children choir pieces

Gato de la calesita


Algarrobo, algarrobal SA+B

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“Un Viaje Coral”

Del unísono al canto a voces en el coro infantil

“Un viaje coral.” it’s a book by Mariana Pechuan, Jorge Fuentes and Bernardo Latini, published by GCC ediciones.

Un viaje coral


Listen to “Un viaje coral” songs