Bernardo Latini


Graduate University Degrees in Composition, Harmony and Counterpoint, and Choral Conducting from the Facultad de Bellas Artes, Universidad Nacional de La Plata (University of La Plata), Argentina.


Since 2007 he has been the assistant professor of Aural Training (III – IV) at the Facultad de Bellas Artes, Universidad Nacional de La Plata.


In 2019 he was awarded a Formation Grant by Fondo Nacional de las Artes (Argentina) to continue his formation in Composition at Escola Superior de Música, Barcelona, Catalonia under the tutelage of Mº Bernat Vivancos.


He works as a choir conductor and choral arranger and composer. His scores are performed by several choirs in Argentina and in other countries around the world. His work has been distinguished with 15 awards in National Choral Composition and/or Arrangement Contests. Some of his choral scores are published at Helbling Verlag (Innsbruck, Austria); Neil A. Kjos Music Company (San Diego, U.S.A); Porfiri & Horváth Publishers (Pohlheim, Germany); Goldberg Verlag (Frankfurt, Germany); Ficta Edicions (Barcelona, Catalonia), and Ediciones GCC (Buenos Aires, Argentina).


Moreover, his performance as composer and arranger has also been recognized by his peers when appointed as jury in National and International Choral Composition and/or Arrangement Contests (Concorso Internazionale di Composizione Corale "Guido d'Arezzo", Adicora, Universidad de Rosario, Acordelur - Uruguay).


In 2009 he was invited by Mº Marco Berrini to do several professional training activities under his supervision in Milan (Italy). During this stay, he worked as guest conductor of Ars Cantica Choir. Besides, he developed artistic activities as guest conductor of “Milano Vocal Ensemble”, “Alessandria Conservatory Chamber Choir” and “Alessandria Conservatory Scuola Serale Choir”. Additionally, he worked as guest professor of Choral Training Course at Alessandria Conservatory.


One of the highlights of his work as a choral conductor was his role as guest Conductor of Coro Nacional de Jóvenes de Argentina (Argentinian National Youth Choir) in June 2019.


During the last years, he was invited by several institutions and organizations related to choral music (e.g. Adicora, UNA, Aamcant, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Universidad Nacional de Villa María, Acordelur, among others) to give courses, ateliers and lectures about vocal arrangement techniques, choral conduction and interpretation of choral music from different styles.


In 2013 he founded “Policromía Vocal” (Vocal Polychrome), a choral ensemble made up of singers and conductors with which he recorded the album “Versiones Corales de canciones de Sebastián Monk”, available on Spotify.


In 2015 he composed by the commission of the Asociación Eisteddfod del Chubut the choral piece "Etifediaeth y Mimosa" ("Mimosa’s legacy") in the occasion of the 150º Anniversary of the Welsh settlers in the Argentinean Patagonia. The World Premiere has held during the 2015 Eisteddfod del Chubut Festival.


In 2014 he authored -together with Hugo Figueras and Oscar Allorio- the symphonic-choral piece “Misa Mestiza”, dedicated to His Holiness Pope Francis which was premiered in December 2015.


One of his latest works is “Ritual”, a composition for mixed choir written by the commission of Estudio Coral Meridies, conducted by Mª Virginia Bono. This piece was commissioned for their presentation at the 11th World Symposium on Choral Music, Barcelona, 2017.


In 2019 he composed, together with Hugo Figueras, “Somos Cantando”, a piece commissioned by ADICORA, the Argentinian Association of Choral Conductors. This piece was written in 3 movements for triple choir (unison or two parts – 4 mixed parts – and the advanced level, 8-12 parts). Almost 1.000 people from 40 choirs were able to participate and this was an unprecedented experience in the city.


He is the co-creator of the show, “Postales al Sur del Río Bravo (Espejos)”, in which Eduardo Ferraudi and Bernardo Latini combine their own Latin American choral arrangements with dance, percussion and live narration. This show was first performed in the Symphonic Concert Hall at Centro Cultural Kirchner, Buenos Aires, by Coro Nacional de Jóvenes de Argentina (Argentinian National Youth Choir) in 2019. 


Composition University Degree

Harmony and Counterpoint University Degree

Choir Conducting University Degree


"Considero la tarea de Bernardo Latini como uno de los aportes más importantes al repertorio coral de música popular argentina.

En sus arreglos une la sencillez de factura con profundidad en la comprensión del material en juego. Su arreglo de la Oración del remanso, por ejemplo, me ha dado momentos de enorme alegría

como intérprete. Es de agradecer." 

Néstor Andrenacci. 

Director del Grupo de Canto Coral Buenos Aires, Argentina



"Ho avuto il piacere di conoscere il M° Bernardo Latini in occasione di due miei viaggi in Argentina e successivamente di averlo mio ospite e collaboratore in Italia. Ho potuto immediatamente apprezzare la qualità artistica del suo lavoro, la grande conoscenza tecnica dello strumento coro che ben si esprime nei suoi lavori corali e nel suo attento lavoro di direttore e concertatore. Bernardo Latini è un musicista completo, raffinato ed elegante: qualità che ben si evincono dalla lettura della sua Musica."

Marco Berrini. 

Direttore di coro, direttore d’orchestra e didatta.  Ars Cantica Choir & Consort. Gesualdo  Consort of Gesualdo. Milano, Italia.



"Bernardo Latini conducts in a clear and understood manner, and

the voices are not forced under his instruction. I shall be looking forward to have Conductor Bernardo Latini working with my ensembles again, a sentiment shared with my musicians and singers."

Saúl Zaks


The University of Southern Denmark Chamber Choir

The University of Southern Denmark Symphony Orchestra

The Royal Academy of Music

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